Post Op Care – Lymphatic Massage After Lipo

Post Op Care

Our spa offers a natural and effective way to detox your body after surgery.

Effects of Lymphatic Drainage after my cosmetic surgery

Mechanical effec: it occurs when we perform gentle traction on the surface of the skin, opening the lymphatic capillaries. This is known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Physiological effect: Activates the neurological system, therefore activates the parasympathetic system; This allows fluids to drain normally into urine.

These are the two great effects on lymphatic drainage post Op care

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Girdles Post Op Care

are very important since their function is containment the first week and compression after the second week.

1- Compress blood vessels to reduce bleeding

2- Empty the Tunnels left by the cannula which accumulate serous and fatty and connective tissue residues

3- Close these tunnels or spaces to promote healing.

Ultrasound Machine Post Op Care

The Ultrasound is a great ally after cosmetic surgeries, but it should be used in the second week of the surgeries, not in the first week.

In many places they place infrared lamps or heat blankets, this should NOT be used as it stimulates cholinergic nerve fibers therefore stimulates acetylcholine and are vasodilators.

Heat decreases the viscosity of the vessels, therefore inflaming more and bleeding increases. Neither does Radio Frequency for the same reasons. This should be used after 3 to 4 months. S is used before it overstimulates and produces greater collagen disorder.

Cavitation is NOT a low-frequency ultrasound, therefore it can penetrate up to 8 cm. This caviar generates bubbles in an area that is inflamed and filled with liquids, therefore they explode, presenting peripheral damage, producing microtears even at the visceral level.

Why Do I Need Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery?

1 -Helps with the regeneration and recovery of the tissue.

2 -Generates a good production of fibroblasts, therefore there is a good collagenesis.

3 -It has an anti-edemic effect, calming effect, analgesic action and a relaxing action.

Our spa offers a natural and effective way to detox your body after surgery.


Reduce swelling and speed up the healing process with our post-op massage.


Fasten your recovery with our lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery.


Targeted lymphatic drainage massage to help you recover faster and feel better.


Relieve post-operative discomfort and promote healing with our post op massage.


Helps with the regeneration and recovery of the tissue.


Generates a good production of fibroblasts, therefore there is a good collagenesis.

Lymphatic drainage drains proteins, rebalances the interstitial medium and this action causes the fluid to pass into the veins due to uncotic pressure.

The veins are those that absorb between 70% to 80% of fluid, manual lymphatic drainage produces an opening of the capillary and is at a subinternal level, therefore it absorbs macromolecules and drains proteins.

This is the reason why manual lymphatic drainage reduces inflammation since it gives action to the vein to absorb liquid.

Manual lymphatic drainage is not oriented to the muscle, therefore it is not kneading, it is oriented to the skin with rhythmic, soft, slow and deliberate movements. They should not be abrupt or squeeze or press.

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