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Massage Post Op

Our spa offers a natural and effective way to detox your body after surgery.


Reduce Swelling

Reduce swelling and speed up the healing process with our post-op massage.


Fasten Recovery

Fasten your recovery with our lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery.



Targeted lymphatic drainage massage to help you recover faster and feel better.


Relive Post op

Relieve post-operative discomfort and promote healing with our post op massage.


Good Tissue

Helps with the regeneration and recovery of the tissue.


Production Collagen

Generates a good production of fibroblasts, therefore there is a good collagenesis.

Why Do I Need Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery?

Know some of the reasons why you need a post op massage

massage post Op

Massage Post Op

1- Helps with the regeneration and recovery of the tissue.
2- Generates a good production of fibroblasts, therefore there is a good collagenesis.
3- It has an anti-edemic effect, calming effect, analgesic action and a relaxing action.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Effects

Mechanical Effects:
Mechanical phase, occurs when we perform a soft traction on the surface of the skin, opening the lymphatic capillaries.
This is known as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Massage post op.

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masaje post op
Post Op Care fajas

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Effects

Physiological Effects:
Activates the neurological system, therefore activates the parasympathetic system

This Effect allows the fluids left after cosmetic surgery to drain naturally.
That is why the importance of post op massage

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Drainage Lymphatic Post Op

Lymphatic drainage drains proteins, rebalances the interstitial medium and this action causes the fluid to pass into the veins due to uncotic pressure.
The veins are those that absorb between 70% to 80% of fluid, manual lymphatic drainage produces an opening of the capillary and is at a subinternal level, therefore it absorbs macromolecules and drains proteins.

This is the reason why manual lymphatic drainage reduces inflammation since it gives action to the vein to absorb liquid.
Manual lymphatic drainage is not oriented to the muscle, therefore it is not kneading, it is oriented to the skin with rhythmic, soft, slow and deliberate movements. They should not be abrupt or squeeze or press.

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massage post Op

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With More than 20 Years of Experience, more than 69,000 Treatments Performed in post Care They place us in high position standards. We do not improvise in Treatments. Our continuous education allows us to adapt to each patient a treatment focused on their need and time of surgery.
Our schedules are extensive and you can choose your time and day according to your needs. We have adequate facilities, private aromatherapy and music therapy that allows you to enter a state of relaxation.
We are your reliable and effective choice for recovery after cosmetic surgeries. Transparency, ethics and communication are key to building patient trust in our services.


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